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Do I have “mad skills”? No, but my skills are happy!

11 Aug

Well, this is Day One and here I am.  I am not a writer, not overly creative, but I like to create and I guess I need an outlet.  So, here we are.
Why are my skills happy?

I was trying to come up with a name for this, and everything I could think of was…well, honestly, lame.  Then it occurred to me that my kids most often encourage a new project or craft, so why not my blog name.

I thought of my JonahBear…  One night he was making burgers with Daddy in the kitchen.  JonahBear LOVES to cook, bake, anything in the kitchen!  So they were forming burgers and having boy time.  Daddy told JonahBear, “Wow, you have some MAD burger-making skills!” JonahBear, thoughtfully as always, replied, “No, Dad, my skills are happy!”

So now we’re here.  I’m a teacher, so I’ve had all summer with my kids. 2 kids under 5 can be exciting and sometimes a handful!  About a month ago, a friend showed me Pinterest.  Well, I LOVE to crochet, sew, bake, craft and DIY so of course, I was immediately hooked.  Since then, our house has been a crocheting, sewing, DIY-ing madhouse!  I just can’t stop! There are SO MANY good ideas and so little time!

Here are a few of my summer projects:
Jonah’s Monster Hat: Got the idea from etsy here.

Made this hat for a friend’s daughter: Got the pattern from aestheticnest.com.

Cool Hex Nut Bracelet (super easy, by the way) from here.

Bird Applique Tote Bag: Great tutorial from craftsnob.com.

The piece de resistance – my new skirt!!  I’ve NEVER made a skirt in my life and REALLY didn’t think it would go well, but it was surprisingly easy and now, I am the proud owner of a new skirt made by me!  If I can do it, so can you!!  Here is the tutorial!

Okay, so I’m calling it a night, but stick with me, there will be more about me and my family soon!  I may not have “mad skills”, but my skills are definitely happy and I’m here to prove that anyone with a little patience and determination can DIY with the best of them!!