Watch out World, LillyBug is 2!!

15 Sep

Such a silly girl!

Two years ago, today, our little LillyBug entered the world at 7:45 am.  She was content and happy where she was, but thanks to a scheduled C-Section she came on our time.  She has tried every day since age 2 months to remind us that we are now on HER time! 🙂

Such a proud big brother!!

She is spunky, funny, energetic and, through-and-through, a firecracker!  She loves cheese, chicken, ice cream and pizza and well, to be honest, has never met a food she didn’t like.  Except for vegetables….that girl HATES veggies.  Which I find odd because JonahBear and I could eat our weights in veggies if we had to!

She loves her brother and our cat, Mouse!  She loves animals of all kinds, actually!  LillyBug adores being outside – in fact, one of her first words was “side” and she’d point and yell at the back door!  She loves swimwear but don’t you dare get her wet!!

All in all, she’s our fiesty little LillyBug.  When she’s fed and well-rested and there’s music playing she’s tons of fun to be around.  She definitely knows how to “put her party on”!  Right now she all attitude, so 2’s should be an adventure, but we love her!  Jonah could never have asked for a more devoted little sister and the love and bond they share is always amazing to witness.  I so look forward to her growing, discovering and changing.  This is going to be an exciting year!

Just us girls!

I love you LillyBug!  You’re my favorite little girl!




One Response to “Watch out World, LillyBug is 2!!”

  1. Nana September 15, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    Awwwwwww, man! Our baby is TWO!!
    Both of the kids are growing up way, way too fast.
    Happy birthday, Lilly Bug! Nana & Papi love you!

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